Email Homepage Information
Email Martin Berndt Author of MultiCX and many other tools
Email Dámaso D. Estévez Did the spanish translations for me
Email Francesco Mancuso Did the italian translations for me
Email Jan Hendrik Schulz Questions about AmigaE? Ask him!
Email Wouter van Oortmerssen Best AmigaE compiler
Email Stefan Stuntz Thank You for MUI (Magic User Interface)
Email Roman Winges Has much to sell
Email Michael Stenhorst He's got his homepage ready!
Email Frank Towet His W3Mag Homepage died several days ago!
Email Walter Symons I've found his homepage!
Email Michael Ropertz Get the newest jokes...
Email Ralf Schneider Was the nicest Sysop (KSB)
Email Reinhard Ahrweiler The PC-Junkie - Meet him at our habitual haunt 'Liewerbaas' in Krefeld - Germany
Email Petra Struck One of the few women with a computer - Member of Amiga-Club
Email Franck Aniere Author of AmiSearch II
Email Dietmar Reez

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