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Orchids of Khao Luang National Park

Khao Luang Forest is a hub of biodiversity that is comparable to none. It accommodates various species of fauna and flora, especially more than 300 species of orchids. Some are uniquely local which are found nowhere else. Visitors walking in Khao Luang Forest will be greeted by different kinds of orchids all along the trail. Some grow their toots on the ground or amarong rocks whereas others are found growing epiphytically on trunks.







1. Singto-Biphad (Cirrhopetalum skeatianum)

2. Khanta-Singto (Bulbophyllum ovatum)

3. Ueng-Saai-Serd (Coelogyne massangeana)

4. Ueng-Daeng-Hin (Liparis bicolor)

5. Singto Dr. Tem (Bulbophyllum smitinandii)

6. Ueng-Sila.Tai (Tainia latilingua)

7. Kluai-Ploik (Epipogium roseum)

8. Ueng Khiriwong (Didymoplexiopsis)

9. Wan-Nok-Hum (Anoectochilus albolineatus)


6                                                             7                                                                8



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