Trakking  to the Top of Khao Luang

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1. Hua Heow
At Hua Heow, close to the Wangmaipak falls, is a fruit market. Villagers will collect their crops and sell them here during the late morning.

2. Suan Somrom
The mixed fruit orchard in the natural forest on the foothills displays the co-existence between humans and the forest in an ecological manner.

3. Wang Ai Yang Bon Waterfall
Rare species of plants are found here, such as orchids known as "Sang Hin" or "Ling Mangkon Som" on the rocks near the stream. These plants need only fertiliser from the decaying leaves with the help of fungi

    On the trail at Wang Ai Yang Bon Waterfall

4. Kratom Suan Sai Nai
This is located at the end of the orchard. Here, visitors hsve to spend the night. This area is surrounded by dense jungle.

5. San Lung Phram - Dong Tak
There is dense virgin jungle that has an abundance of plants and animals including "tak" or leeches. It is one of many interesting spots for those interested in this type of forest.

6. Laan Sai
The watercourse runs through this area and normally floods during therainy season. The tree ferns locally called "Maha Sadam" are found here. It is a hidden spot that is rarely reached by poeple as many kinds of distinctive orchids in the world are being found here.

7. Din Thalom - San Maidaeng
The trekking trail to Lann Sai fallows the slope the hill, and then passes the lower tropical virgin jungle where small Maha Sadam ferns are found along with an abundance of rare orchids in this evergreen jungle. The soil here is made up of igneous rock: as a result,  soil erosion on the rock face is common.

8. Laan Hor - Hubpha Maha Sadam
The edge of the hill with the path on the right side leads to Maha Sadam or tree fern valley.

9. Dong Wai Hoeng - Laan Dr. Chavalit
This mist covered area is full of rattan called "Wai Hoeng". In summer, montane orchid and begonia are proudly displaying their beautiful blossoming flower.

10. Cloud forest - Top of Khao Luang
This area is the source of the Tapee River. It is recommended that visitors should visit the spot know as "Chom Nong" to see the " Coral Valley" or the lichens that has formed by the mingling of algae and fungi. On the top of Khao Luang is an ancient Bua Chaek fern which remains the same as it did 230 million years ago.



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